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Therapy helps adolescents who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions or behaviour. In therapy the adolescent has an opportunity to work towards a better understanding of themselves, their relationships, and their established patterns of behaviour. The aim of therapy is to try to bring about positive changes.

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Therapy and counselling

Mental health can be a sensitive subject, as many might find uncomfortable to discuss. However, having issues with mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. Finding someone to talk to is important, as without treatment, it can lead to unhealthy and destructive relationships in your personal and professional space. This can spiral into cycles of negative behaviour and an inability to function in society.
Research shows that many people are placed on anti-depressants and other medications for mental health conditions without being offered therapeutic interventions. Our services offer a range of options, as we help you build psychosocial skills to cope with life’s demands without medication.


Therapy & Coaching

We offer four services for Teenager and Parents

We meet with the parent/s or guardian/s for an initial intake session before seeing the adolescent. The initial intake session with the parents is vital for the therapist in order to gather information about the child. Moreover, it allows you (parents) to speak freely about your concerns in detail. Parents are an integral part of the of the therapy process. 

​​After the meeting with parent/s, the therapist meets the teenager for an initial intake session to get to know him/her and to gain a preliminary understanding of the presenting problem. Following this initial session with the adolescent, we meet the parents to give detailed feedback and to discuss our recommendations. Sessions for the therapy depends on the complexity and severity of the presenting problem. Parents, will be updated about the progress of their child.

​A therapy session with the teenager - 50 minutes + 10 minutes with parent/s

Parent/s session helps in empowering them to help their adolescent with emotional or behavioural difficulties.

 It is about helping you to explore new ways of responding to your child’s struggles. It involves thinking and talking about the attachment relationship of parent & child and explores how parents can positively impact that relationship. This in turn helps the child with managing big sad feelings, angry outbursts, worries etc. It is about developing your child’s critical thinking and resilience and also promoting pleasurable parenting.

Single Therapy Session with Parent/s - 60 minutes

Coaching is for your teenager if you think he/she can get more out of their life. In coaching, we will help them to

  • Set achievable objectives based on their dreams
  • Identify and deal with any obstacles that they encounter along the path to these objectives
  • Develop persistence in maintaining and enhancing their gains.

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