Positive Parenting Program (PPP)

Positive Parenting Program

“What we are, teaches the child far more than what we say, so we just be what we want our children to become.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce

Whether you are a single parent or an adult who is planning to have a family or one who has recently started one, a parent with children in their tween or teens or a grandparent, we understand the highs and lows that can happen during this incredible journey. Parenting can be extremely frustrating when faced with children who are just not getting it right. Parenting doesn’t come naturally to most of us. It’s a skill to be developed with lot of conscious reflection and soul searching. With us, you can develop the skill of positive parenting and transform your relationship with your child.

What is Positive Parenting Program?

Children are unique and tender spirits and how we, as parents, engage with them will influence them for the rest of their lives. One of our specialties as therapists is in supporting mothers and fathers in parenting their child consciously and positively. Traditional parenting methods are considered a power-based approach whereas conscious parenting is relationship-based. This includes guiding our children in ways other than the ways in which we ourselves were parented. PPP is an inside out process. Its main principle is first work on oneself as parent.

Five Anchors of Positive Parenting Program

  • Connect: It is about laying down nourishing soil replete with love, worthiness, joy and positive energy. It is the foundation of parenting.
  • Coach: Coaching is about building necessary life skills in children through an understanding of their unique wiring and temperament.
  • Care: It is about various practices which will nurture parent and child for a more wholesome life.
  • Community: It is about building caring ecosystems for children to thrive in.
  • Commit: It is about sustaining the courage and compassion for the wholehearted journey of parenting.

Our Positive Parenting Program is based on

Our work together also includes

  • Working through tantrums, power struggles, and opportunities for connection.
  • Getting your parenting ego out of the way, contacting who your child truly is, rather than who you want them to become (which is often a response to our own young wounds).
  • Techniques for maintaining your health and sanity while raising young ones.
  • What to do when you realise your kids are in charge instead of you.
  • How to talk with your kids about body boundaries, sex, drugs, and other tough topics which is a part of ‘Teenage Parenting Counselling’.
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