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Counselling Psychologist

Our Counselling Psychologists are vastly experienced and certified. They excel in consciousness coaching and facilitate their clients to lead more cognizant life.

Their passion is to support people to trust their own capacity and overcome self-perceived limits & beliefs.

One can be good at Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, or operations but if there is an Emotional problem in life it can come in their way to achieve one’s goals. That’s why it’s highly recommended to deal with one’s core emotional issues.

Our counselling psychologists are trained in many therapies like

  • Rebt
  • CBT
  • TA
  • Conscious parenting
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Mindfulness
  • Maintaining high EQ
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping

Personnel and corporates from all fields have benefitted from their vast experience. Their aim is to create more awareness about mental health and help people create a growth mindset and solution-oriented approach in their lives.


Therapy for Depression, Anxiety PTSD, Relationship, Couple Counselling, Social Anxiety, Phobia, Panic Attacks, Procrastination and various other problems.

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