“Health is not a destination,
It’s a way of living.”


Food is a Passion.
Food is Love.

– Hector Elizondo, the famous American Actor


Food is many people’s passion. They simply live to eat. But major percentage of the population is on the wrong track. Overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure is on the rise and is distressingly common. Many factors contribute to these complex problems. But the basic reasons are simple

  • We eat too much
  • We choose the wrong foods
  • We do not get enough exercise

Consciously eating and being attentive to our body during the process of eating can help us avoid overeating. What we eat affects our appearance, energy, comfort and above all our health.

Good eating is not a punishment. We will help you establish an overall pattern of healthful nutrition with the best dietician in Gurgaon. We will assist you in substituting your unhealthy food choices with healthy and nutritious diet. Where you will have sufficient room to savour the treats that matter the most to you.

What We Offer?

We work with you to empower you to understand food and nutrition better. All our diet plans are natural and we don’t recommend any medicines. We want you to love food and not fear it.

Our purpose is to nourish your body, mind and soul with the power of food. We focus on creating lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle management

While we work with you to help achieve your health goal, our main objective in this program is for you to create long term healthy habits.

Weight loss

Using natural foods and a bit of exercise, we help our clients in releasing weight with the best weight loss program without the use of any medicines.  

Kids Nutrition

We understand with all the easy access of unhealthy food to the kids, it is challenging to feed them nutrients required for their growth. We make customised food plan for kids, to help them eat variety of foods, hidden with good nutrients

Healthy Food Plans

Choose any one Healthy food plan as per your convinient

Food Plan

  • One month

Food Plan 2

  • 3 Month

Vegan Food Plan

  • One Month

Gluten Free Food Plan

  • One month

Gluten Free Dairy Free Food Plan

  • One Month

21 Healthy Gluten Free Recipes

  • One Month



Day 1Diet Chart
Upon Waking UpAmla and Aloe vera juice – 1tbsp in 1 glass water.
After 10 mins10 soaked black raisins (soaked over night)
After 15-30minsTea / Coffee
BreakfastPoha with Veggies – 1 Bowl
Mid-MealAlmonds – 7 overnight soaked + Fruit
LunchMix Veg Salad – 1Bowl + Sabzi – 1 cup + Dal – 1cup +2 palm sized Rotis OR Mix Veg Pulav – 1small bowl + Curd – 1 cup
Evening SnacksTea / Coffee Homemade Roasted Mumura with Peanuts – 1cup
DINNERGreen Leafy Sabzi – 1cup + Rotis – 2 OR + Veg Khichdi – 1Small bowl

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